Who you are

When cipher is watching

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I cognize the concept

Can be to a certain extent frightening

At present time disheartening

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But ever instructive.

As you unhurriedly become

Increasingly self-aware

The inquisitory question

Is how untold do you care?

Are you willing and able to be honest

Truthful and confrontational

Concerning traits flaws

That want to be addressed

Harnessed and corrected

Or will you contrarily

Be naughty and infected

By your stubbornness

And self-righteousness

By which you untaped in denial

Plateau, discredit, and file

Your skeletons in the closet

Bury them underneath the shelf

Conceal them from all else

Though in private you know

Your vivacity is a egotistical show

Your suspicion inwardly sinks low

As you touch a failure

Unable to spring up and grow

Above fatal tendencies

Painful behavioural patterns

Which you yearning to unlearn

Forget, remove, and overturn

Your suspicion does truly yearn

To scorn, scratch, and sever

These demons thatability forever

Snare and ensnare your soul

You privation to be ready-made whole

Fortified and strengthened

Empowered and equipped

Develop an secret repugnance within

Victoriously take on and win

Collide with, correct, and conquer

The impuritiesability inwardly thatability linger

Break the temptation of immoral

People, things, and circumstances

With your beloved personhood

Don't wage and yield chances

Don't be headlong to variety advances

By piece corners crookedly

Which is with the sole purpose followed painfully

By serpents impatient to wound thee

Poison, beguile, and destroy

Maneuver, woo, tantalize, and toy

Employ you to be the devil's boy

So your integrity, he can destroy

Publicly revile, wreck, and ruin

Get it word-perfect now and astutely indicant in

Be an model in all thatability you're doing

Integrity and traits will sustenance you

Anything smaller quantity will visit and hap you

Many are set to bamboozle and trick

Don't be delighted to swindler and risk

Your reputation, character, and name

Be honorable, discipline, and tame

Your appetites, lusts, and urges

Which if yielded to pb to dirges

A early death, as you self-destruct

Hear this admonitory well and with wisdom deduct

Adhering to values does preserve

Certainly your unit and friends deserve

You to spread front into the future

Rebellion and wickedness seeks to swerve

Downplay, redirect, deviate, and diminish

To err and ignorantly give in is skittish

Get a grasping and discard to be restless

Uphold your soul and progress

To obstinate ones and fun reluct

Integrity and traits fabricate.


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