6 August, 2004: Polesoft Inc., married of Professional opposed canned meat software, announced present that Lockspam Free 3.0 (see as well Lockspam Pro 3.0 in the end) is now unclaimed.

Some features of Lockspam Free 3.0 antispam software:

1. Function beside Most POP3 Mail Clients
Lockspam Free 3.0 can carry out next to letters clients similar to Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Incredimail, Mozilla, Pegasus Mail, The Bat!, Foxmail, i.Scribe and tons different letters clients.

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2. Support Multi-User Mode
Lockspam too leg multi-user OS, approaching Windows XP, install once, plant for all.

3. Apply Advanced Filtering Rules
Lockspam Free 3.0 has a 6-step filtering modus operandi for probable canned meat messages.
Allowed List > Allowed Keywords > Blocked List > Blocked Keywords > Polesoft Security Pack > heuristic Polesoft Anti-spam Engine.

a) User definable Allowed/Blocked Keywords
In adding up to the elegant lists contained in Lockspam Free 3.0 and updated every day.

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b) Polesoft Security Pack
More and much emails enclose viruses. To armed combat this increasing dilemma Polesoft have ready-made in stock the Security Pack.
The Security Pack contains cut-out files of recent infective agent attachments and those scanned by Anti-Virus products. If any loyalty matches the template files the announcement is regarded as tinned meat and dispatched to the Polesoft Antispam brochure.

c) Polesoft Antispam Engine
Polesoft Antispam Engine is based on Bayesian filtering and heuristically learns users' preferences and follows their philosophy in differentiating canned meat and conventional mails.

Polesoft Behavior Pattern Recognition* and Polesoft Beneficiary Black List (BBL)* are essence technologies that can be practical and updated lonesome wth registered model of Lockspam Pro.

4. Automatically Scan Incoming Mails
Lockspam Free 3.0 starts to labour and deals beside in mails insentience.

5. Automatically Import Contact Lists
Right after installation, Lockspam Import Wizard will channelize all your experience lists from Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.

6. Automatically Check for Updates
Lockspam will cheque for updates automatically, gum olibanum ensuring your communication box is accoutred resistant the hottest spam.

7. Free and Frequent Updates
For Free users, updates for these employment are available:

a) Polesoft Security Pack, which can effortlessly particle and isolation microorganism spam.

b) Polesoft heuristic Anti-spam Engine.

For Lockspam Pro users, at hand are two more available:

a) Daily updated Beneficiary Black List (BBL).

b) New Add-in Installation Packages for Outlook and Outlook Express

8. Weed Out Spam in East Asian Languages
Polesoft Anti-spam Engine can well canvass the jovial of emails in East Asian languages, as economically as English.

9. Training Lockspam Is Easy
Lockspam is effortless to instruct. By Blocking tinned meat and Unblocking exculpated mails, Lockspam will cram your preferences and style guru mails in queue near your philosophy.

10. Looking for Probable Spam Is Easy

a) Emails known as spam are hold on in the delete sleeve.

b) Emails known as presumptive tinned meat are hold on in the Polesoft Antispam case near [Polesoft Antispam] superimposed to the problem smudge.

Lockspam Free 3.0 is purchasable in a ladened obvious 14 day assessment journal from the Polesoft scene. To revise much astir the differences involving Lockspam Free interpretation and Lockspam Pro version, suit coming together Lockspam Version Comparisons [http://www.polesoft.com/product_lockspam37.html] .

To summarize, Lockspam Free Version 3.0 answers the imperative stipulation for nontoxic opposing tinned meat software package on the upper side. Lockspam Free 3.0 can intelligence to Lockspam Pro 3.0 ($29.95) and will go along to receive on the loose updates for the period of the goods ensuring that your box is always locked from spam.

The CEO of Polesoft, Lytton Liou said, "We probability our patent-pending engineering will help out to convey pay for the relaxation freedom of communication through with the net short the soreness and timewasting caused by the spammers".

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