Having this nagging lack of faith that you may upstage your cherished photos or jumble your pages near scrapbooking embellishments?

One second you're honourable so tempted to join the enlargement onto your page, and the close trice you're quizzical yourself, "Should I? Should I not?" You even amazement if you're merely difficult to require that but irresistible page accent onto your leaf to make somebody's day your craving for... more embellishments.

Well, you're in good enough institution. I not moving remember the basic case I encountered packets and packets of terrific embellishments. My opinion sparkled near enthusiasm, and my hunch fluttered in exhilaration and the lawfulness was, I only can't wish. What a rush!

So for any person who loves scrapbooking embellishments, we have to swot a few equalization acts of the apostles and sidestep toppling into the snare of overwhelming the pages near lashings of such leaf accents.

Here's numerous tips for you to judge once you're retaining that only awe-inspiring bit of expansion in your hand, and pausing for that momentous decision.


  • If it distracts family from your photos, you might be advanced off good that morsel of embellishment for other page. Let's remind ourselves that photos add up to the pith of scrapbooking, not embellishments.
  • If the origin to use the leaf elocution is because it's the coolest or hottest tendency right now, upon rumination this may not be so in the lengthy run. Remember how you flinched in fright as you looked rear legs at your greatest whim mistakes? It can happen to your scrapbooking layouts too.
  • If there's merely a azygous ikon specially with close-ups, by all ability powerboat into your best risky mode and glint up your folio near embellishments. But hang on to the scrapbooking embellishments to the minimal, once there's quadruple photos on a lone folio.
  • If the leftover of diction has a serviceable aim specified as concealing ugly surroundings of your photo, calculation set off to the overall design or holding another part in place, after use that lovely enlargement.
  • If the elaboration boosts your story-telling skilfulness for the page, past bounce on the haphazard.
  • If the job of the embroidery is to replica what you've seen folks did in quite a few magazine, it's can not speak up of you own chic. Instead, move your instincts and use whatever you have a feeling hopeful of expressing your mode on the page!

There's probably no hard-and-fast rules once it comes to scrapbooking next to embellishments thinking. Just support in display that an enlargement or two once utilised in the authorization combination, will contribute to the delusion you've been testing to communicate in a ruling way.

Happy scrapping with embellishments!

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